Rob Carter


Traveling Still


Portland House


Digital Film


1100mm x 1700mm

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  • Traveling Still by Rob Carter

    "Travelling Still" is a series of photographs I've been working on over the last 5 years. The subjects vary, from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the tulip fields of Holland as well as Seascapes from around the world. As name suggests, Travelling Still is all about creating the feeling of movement in a still image.

    The Travelling Still film concentrates on the Seascapes. 47 unique photographs, gently bleeding from one to another and seamlessly transporting the viewer from the beaches of Northern Scotland to the shores of Mexico, from the Islands of the Caribbean to the waterfronts of Sardinia and Mauritius. A sharp horizon line with enough detail in the sky and sea to be figurative yet enough movement to create the feel of painting, not only in the bands of colour that spread across the frame, but also in this sense of having internal movement, a life of their own. The travelling stills are the opposite of ‘capturing the moment’, a task to which photography is so often confined. They stretch the ‘moment’ both literally in that the camera shutter is held open for a long exposure, and visually as the details of the subject blur out horizontally. The experience of travelling is itself represented through the technique of the travelling stills.

    For as long as I can remember I've been taking photos on the move I love the painterly quality of light when colours run into each other on a photographic image. It wasn’t until I used a tripod on a train that I started to realize the potential of the moving image. As the train moved along a high speed, in many ways acting as the perfect vehicle for transporting the camera past the subject to cause the foreground to blur while retaining detail on the horizon where the relative movement was considerably less. I had also experimented with taking photographs on the move with a 360 degree roundshot camera with some very random and often surprising results. The Travelling Still series of photographs was born when I combined the two ideas, a revolving lens camera held by a tripod and moved during a long exposure. This gave me the type of photograph that I had been looking for All the movement is made in camera, there has been no digital manipulation, I’ve hand printed these directly from transparency onto Cibachrome paper.