Langlands & Bell


Virtual World


New Street Square


Digital neon & electronic components and aluminium


3500mm diameter

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  • Virtual World by Langlands & Bell

    Virtual world is a digitally controlled neon sculpture featuring sixty top-level domain codes commonly known as "internet country codes".

    .uk .fr .jp .de .nz .ru .it

    Virtual World is an animated poetry exploring the “multi-channel” experience of media, data and information that constantly flows around us. The countries referred to by the domains are actual places existing everywhere and nowhere simultaneously as we engage with the digital world.

    As life becomes more complex and systems multiply we have an increasing need of abbreviated means to identify elements and events. Quickly these abbreviations become lexical and linguistic entities in their own right generating new language and new cultural tendencies.

    At once strikingly familiar yet thoroughly depersonalised, codes generally are links and connecting points in the networks enabling or constraining our actions and communications throughout daily life. Codes are evidence of the pervasive, quasi-metaphysical, global architecture of order and administration, commerce and power that surrounds us.