Boo Ritson


Waiting Room


Portland House


Archival digital prints on Somerset paper


1500mm x 2300mm

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  • Waiting Room by Boo Ritson

    Commissioned by Land Securities 2009

    Boo Ritson on her commission for Land Securities:
    I conceived this work around an idea about spaces for "waiting" in and the absence and presence they imply. I wanted to add in an extension of the space by using seating, empty and occupied, that would make a place within a place: the logic was then already set that the images would hang lower on the wall and would visually take it's place as part of the seating arrangement, or at least to partially read as such

    The characters themselves would necessarily be quite isolated, alone in their thoughts, reading material in hand, expectant of future events. The characters are in the same room at the same time, not currently in acknowledgement of each other, with the possibility that this might change in the future: both are reading books from similar genres, with the female character reading the short story that turns into Hitchcock's "Rear Window" : the addition of books are detail that I've started to look into in current work to continue to explore borrowed narratives; in this case to imply some intrigue and suspense. There is also a narrative that comes from having two empty chairs between the figures - they could form part of a line of seats, length unstated, in a room with the scale only apparent from the scale of the images.'

    After studying sculpture at the Royal College of Art, Boo Ritson has had a desire to paint, though not necessarily to make paintings. This desire has manifested itself in painted objects and people. Household paint is applied quickly and gesturally to the sitter's head, hair and clothes, covering them in a portrait of an imagined character. These are recorded as large colour photographic portraits, though they exist somewhere between painting, photography, sculpture and performance.